Dear Prof. Sich,

manifestly we have different points of view on many aspects related to the way in which we view at Nature and its description, and how we interpret our knowledge on physics phenomena. I must say that I have the impression that we potentially share our visions more than it may appear: I am not a native english speaker, so my use of the language may not be as perfect and that, for sure, may lead to misunderstandings. Moreover, writing short stories on medium, surely, can give rise to misinterpretations because of the lack of a complete illustration of the views of the author. For example, concerning the “confusion” between “measurement” and “meaning”, I must say that my position is much more articulated than it appears. I certainly do not believe that things exist only when/if they can be measured: on the other hand there are plenty of things that cannot be measured that manifestly exist (love, dreams, ambition, sadness, etc.). I just affirm that, as long as something cannot be measured, it cannot be analysed with the methods of physics.

Being too detailed on these points will require to write a (long) book. Here, this is not the case. I am sharing my point of view on selected topics, with the tacit premise that what I affirm in such short articles must not be considered the “Truth”, nor can be taken very literally.

That said, it seems to me that you are quite strongly against positivism, while I consider positivism quite close to my point of view (not entirely, but to a large extent). As a result, we cannot agree on many aspects. Please be assured that I do not consider other points of view as necessarily less valid than mine. Again, I am just affirming that I am not convinced by arguments against positivism (I am not fully convinced by positivists’ arguments, too, yet they are, for me, more convincing than others).

In any case, I will read with interest all your thoughts on my posts. I find them stimulating and they allow me to reflect on aspects that I may have neglected. Reflecting on my own views allows me to strengthen my arguments or abandon them. Both are good outcomes, in my opinion.

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Professor of Physics at Sapienza Università di Roma. Member of the CMS and PADME collaborations. Arduino advocate and phyphox ambassador.

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